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Bhutani Grandthum Noida Extension

Bhutani Grandthum is the pre-eminent super-regional shopping centre in the Noida Extention, India.
It adheres rigidly to the criteria of accessibility, visibility, and critical mass, all of which pre-establish the success of any high-end retail centre.

The layout of grandthum is configured in a double-level figure eight that gives it “walkability” and a condensed footprint unrivalled by other comparable schemes locally and globally.

Natural light and connectivity of Grandthum between the two levels set the standard that is demanded in new centres today. Grandthum on-grade parking decks are initially accessed via an ingenious, undulating ring road system;  that eliminates the need for ramp systems, thereby giving equal importance to both levels of the Bhutani projects. By not surrounding the building with parking, connectivity to the rest of the Grandthum precinct is ensured.

Blending form with function, the Iconic twin tower’s design was an exercise in simplicity, efficiency, and sustainability of Grandthum Noida Extention. Using LED technology on the façade and focusing on public space and strong pedestrian thoroughfares in Grandthum project, Bhutani Grandthum balanced striking aesthetics with commercial viability.

Bhutani Grandthum Noida Extension is a landmark retail icon, comprising retail, leisure, entertain, and a tower over 36 levels, crowned by an Observation Deck at 28th level with 360-degree views.

With its vast range of facilities and vivid light display, Grandthum injects energy and activity into Noida contemporary culture.